Piano Tuning Cost

Pianos are perhaps one of the most expensive instruments you can have at home. If you have a piano that needs tuning or have recently purchased one then you may want to know of the exact piano tuning cost that you are going to have to incur. Maintaining the piano and making sure that it sounds right is just normal. It might interest you to know that the average piano has over 20 tons of tension in all of the strings, and what tuning does is adjust these strings in order to make the sound pleasant to your ear.

Before you look for a piano tuning cost though, you should first understand why a piano goes out of tune in the first place. Assuming that everything else in the piano is in perfect working order, one of the primary reasons for this is natural humidity changes in the home. A couple of other reasons include excessive, frequent or hard playing and to a lesser extent, temperature fluctuations too.

Many piano owners will look at the cost for tuning a piano and decide against doing it, claiming that it isn’t worth it from a financial point of view because they never use the piano anyway. However, it is this attitude that leads to a piano going out of tune in the first place and the longer you leave it, the more costly it will be to get it sounding just right again.

What you really need to do to minimize the piano tuning cost is develop some sort of regular maintenance plan. If you are unsure of the particulars of such a plan, then consult a piano technician and come to some sort of agreement where the technician will routinely visit your residence and perform the work for you. This is really something that every piano owner should strongly consider. Don’t leave your piano sitting unused and uncovered in a room somewhere, because it will be exposed to all sorts of harmful elements in addition to humidity swings like dust, insects and mold.

With all of that in mind, how much does piano restoration and piano tuning cost? As you may have realized, it is dependent on all of the factors mentioned above and no exact costs can be given.
As a general rule of thumb, a piano in relatively good working order could be tuned in 2 to 3 hours, at a cost of $100 to $200. The piano tuning cost will be significantly greater if the piano has not been tuned in a while. In this case, it may take an extra session or two to get it back into pristine condition.

The average cost of tuning a piano will also be affected by factors like the age of your piano. If it is really old then the strings may break during stringing and as a result the strings will need to be replaced. Any reliable and professional piano technician will be able to inform you of this problem beforehand and provide advice on what to do from there.